Two Girls

“Do you know anything about lice?“
“Lice. Get in your hair and eat your skin and suck your blood and make you itch.“
“Like nits or something?“
“What’s a nit?“
“Like lice.“
“Yeah. Except on a smaller scale. Almost microscopic. With legs and red heads. They twitch when you grab hold of them. I can show you one if you want to see it.“
“Not really.“
She picks at her head, gets hold of a small bug and hands it to her girlfriend.
“You got these all over?“ She hands the bug back to her.
“I don’t want it back.“
“Well, I don’t want it.“
“Throw it on the floor.“
That’s what she does.
“I’m paralysed, you know. I don’t know what to do because they’re all over my head and under my arms and everywhere. I can’t scratch myself right in the middle of the street. Are you listening to me?“