„Hey, Sheik – want to go get some coffee?“
„Leave me alone, willya? I don’t have time for coffee! Pre-med students never do, man!“
„You know, you’re a lot of fun, Sheik.“
„Life is a savage, serious business, and I’m just trying to get on with it before it turns on me and cuts me to pieces!“
„Look, Sheik. All I’m trying to say is that by taking nothing but pre-med courses, you’re missing out on the real value of a liberal arts education. History, Ethics, the works.“
„That’s ridiculous, man!“
„Preparing yourself to be a doctor shouldn’t preclude developing yourself as a person. A good doctor is more than just a technician – he’s a f*** humanist.“
„A doctor needs skills! I’m not going to indulge in intellectual finger-painting! My future patients deserve better, man!“