„Sheena was about to tell us that she travelled around the world.“
„What was it like?“
„Sheena?! What was it like?“
„The world?“
„Oh, very nice.“
„I always thought the Eiffel Tower looks like a scaffold. Does it?“
„No. Not really.“
„How was China?“
„Sheena travelled around the world. How was China?“
„Very big, China. Lots of rice.“
„And Japan?“
„Hard to say.“
„And Ireland?“
„Very green.“
„And Italy?“
„Old. Romains and stuff.“
„And Moscow?“
„I liked it, but I felt homesick.“
„And the Netherlands?“
„Very … mobile home. I don’t remember.“
„And Dino?“
„Where’s Dino?“
„Dino, your husand. How is he?“
„Oh, fine. He wants a steam pot.“
„What’s a steam pot?“
„A pressure cooker.“
„What’s that for?“
„It cooks faster.“
„How much is it?“
„Tell him, he has enough pots.“
„He has ingrown nails.“
„My sweetheart has ingrown nails. He can’t wear cowboy boots because they hurt his feet.“
„So buy him the steam pot.“
„What are we having for lunch?“
„I hate carrots. What else?“
„Gimme the carrots.“