R2-D2 looks at the girl’s leg and manipulates it gently. The girl shakes her head and looks to be in pain.
“Not many journeys the leg will go“, Yoda says.
R2-D2 explains to the girl in bleep-bleep what he wants to do, a fairly complicated explanation that taxes the girls intellectual ressources to the extreme.
“Fix the bone, R2-D2 has to“, Yoda says.
R2-D2 is beeping.
“No! Try not! Do or do not. There is no try.“ Yoda comes with wet towels, cotton wool and bandages. While he holds her leg, R2-D2 sets to work. This done, the patient is put back on her feet, und supplied with a cigarette. She behaves very well, behaving as though she has been in captivity for years. Most Americans have the strongest possible views about bandages, splints, and other accoutrements, and no sooner do you put them on, than their one ambition in life is to get them off again as quickly as possible.
So R2-D2 and Yoda are surprised and pleased when the girl seems to take the whole thing calmly and philosophically like a Parisian existentialist.
“I wonder what it’ll be like, when the bandage is removed and the bone should have healed“, the girls says.
“A corkscrew it probably look like“, Yoda says.