Power Blackout

Photo: Help and equipment on New Jersey Turnpike is heading for New York.

Power Blackout Movies Set in East Village:

On day 4 without electricity and heating, Pete is writing music in bed, and a sheet of the manuscript of a duet falls off and slides under the bed. Pete tries to reach it without getting out of the warm nest but can’t quite make it. With a sigh he takes another sheet of manuscript paper and writes another duet. A friend (winter coat, scarf, gloves) enters the room and Pete asks him to retrieve the original manuscript. The two versions of the duet are quite different. Pete adds an extra part to the first and uses it as a trio in the same opera, called: Get Your Toes in Bed.

Douad, an assassin, arrives in New York on a mission to murder an opponent of his country’s government, only to learn that the man has already been killed by Sandy. He is given another target, a former colonel in the Shah’s army, but a series of accidental happenings nudge him into a personal relationship with cab driver Helga.

Cab driver Helga gives the boys she drives the door test. Whenever she opens the car door for a passenger, she watches to see if he leans over to open the door on her side. If he unlocks the door, he passes. If he doesn’t, „well, Douad, there’s no re-test“, she says, smiling at this young, helpless but mysterious guy she picked up at the closed Bleecker Street subway station.

About an hour before Betsy’s date arrives to pick her up, she throws some old bread in a pan, with a little water and lots of cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. She puts it in the oven and bakes it at 325 degrees for a half hour. When she takes it out of the oven, it’s a horrific-looking mess and nothing anybody would like to eat, but her appartment now smells undeniably fabulous. Betsy used this technique on a number of occasions with great success. Men normally don’t have any idea why they feel so good and comfortable at her home, but they’ll want to eat her up with a spoon.
And in these times it gives her date a good sense of direction when he’s finding his way through the darkness to her door.

„Good Evening and welcome to People Meet People, the programme in which we get the chance to talk to people from all walks of life. This week our first guest is Mrs. Lily Skinner, known to her friends as Lil, who has lived in the same house for over eighty years. Lil, to begin, may I ask just how old you are?“
„Eighty-five last birthday, love.“
„Do you think the world’s a better place today than when you were a child?“
„No, dear, I don’t. We knew how to enjoy ourselves in those days. People today with all their Smartphones – walking around like Zombies looking for a signal; they don’t get no pleasure out of it. Not like we used to with our tin phones.“

Veronique wears her rattiest, ugliest, elastic-challenged granny panties, because she hasn’t done her laundry in two weeks. She meets Enrique, a ballet dancer, at the free-food-truck on Astor Place, and they fall for each other faster than the dumplings are eaten. They go to his place (more torches available), but there’s a strong motivation for Veronique to keep her pants on. Also Enrique is not in danger of things going too far – he’s chosen not to shave his legs the last four days.