Poetry of the Taliban

Hot, hot trenches are full of joy;
Attacks on the enemy are full of joy.
Guns in our hands and magazine belts over my shoulders;
Grenades on my chest are full of joy.
Leave the lips and spring, O poet!
Poems full of feeling are full of joy.
Jawad, I say, on the true path of Jihad,
All kinds of troubles are full of joy.

Jawad, Mai 21, 2001

Und ein Vers, den man sich durchaus auch in der Anthologie „Modern and Contemporary Swiss Poetry“ vorstellen könnte:

I know the black, black mountains;
I know the desert and its problems.
My home is the mountain, my village is the mountain and
I live in the mountains.
I know the black ditches.
I always carry a rocket-launcher on my shoulder.

Faizani, May 21, 2008