Look at them! Parents – watching their kids playing basketball. The most charming thing about parents is: they’re so easy to make happy, so easy pleased by their children. In their company the kids enjoy the sensation of being the best of company. With parents, their little jokes, perhaps hardly good enough for the kindergarten, have instant and tremendous success. You can maunder on about what you did and saw either an hour ago or yesterday, it will be received with the same flattering attention. And then how pleasant it is to be treated as a mine of undisputed happiness! Almost any object the children make will delight Mum and Dad: a confusing drawing, a useless box, a bottle filled with dirt and mud, and when it’s delivered from a boy like Wild Rufus anything that bangs, squeaks or toots will do. Children can never foresee what healthy and strengthening seeds they are sowing in their parents’ minds by little acts of kindness and affection. Right?