Obama and me

„What’s the matter?“
„Come on. It’s obvious something is wrong.“
„No, nothing.“
„Stan. I can feel it. You’re never this quiet. What is it?“
„What do you mean, I’m never this quiet? What kind of a thing is that to say to me?“
„I know you, and this isn’t you.“
„You think you know me. You’d be very surprised!“
„Well, surprise me. I like surprises. What is it?“
„Barack Obama doesn’t know I’m alive.“
„Barack Obama. He doesn’t know I exist.“
„What’s that mean?“
„No, nothing. I just meant I heard you. I’ll tell you the truth, Stan. I don’t actually think you are upset about Obama. I think you’re pissed that you don’t catch any fish today.“
„I hate it when you do that. You always try to joke me out of everything. I hate it.“
„OK. I’ve just noticed that sometimes you get to feeling a little down when you haven’t caught anything.“
„Stop it, Rob! Just stop it! I could tell him how to beat Romney, you know.“
„At some point in a TV debate, after a stupid Romney answer, Obama looks at him, takes a long pause, and says: ‚You’ve got to be kidding, Mitt‘ or ‚Aw, c’mon!‘ But you never hear Obama say anything like that.“
„Well. But tell me when was your last catch?“
„Why do people get into politics anyway?“