Matthew J. Hanson

Matthew J. Hanson’s wife is not getting the love she wants. Here are some of her requests:

„Matt, my love, I would like you to:
– set aside one night a week so that we could go out for the evening.
– give me a special present on my next birthday that you have bought and wrapped yourself.
– call me on the phone once a week just to chat.
– remember to pull my chair out for me tonight at dinner.
– reduce your hours at the office so that you don’t have to work on Saturdays and Sundays.
– give up your separate bedroom so that we can sleep together again.
– kiss me before you leave the house.
– tell me important things that happen to you.
– massage my back.
– bring me surprise presents.
– sit close to me when we’re watching TV.
– listen to me when I’m upset.
– check with me first before making plans.
– compliment me of the way I look.
– make love to me.
– hold my hand as we walk.
– take a shower with me.
– go backpacking with me three times each summer.
– sleep in the nude.
– read a novel to me over Christmas vacation.
– stop pointing out the fact that you earn less money than I do.

Matthew reviews his wife’s requests, ranks them according to difficulty, and chooses one that he can honor with relative ease. He will begin to be a better husband that very evening by remembering to pull her chair out at dinner.