„Masculinity, you know – being athletic, being the breadwinner, problem solver, stoical leader and fearless warrior, making and keeping lots of money, having power and authority, confidence, a sense of humor, being rational and not overly emotional, being competitive and successful and achieving on every level, being a sexual stud as well an empathetic lover, a responsible and loving father, and a family’s provider and protector – there’s no other option than masculinity to respect yourself and to win the respect of other.“
„Darling – you claim to have all these qualities?“
„I always thought I’m supposed to have as many as possible.“
„So how do you feel about your failures?“
„That’s just one of the things men don’t like to talk about.“
„They prefer to wander into a bar to escape their feelings and pick up a mysterious married woman.“
„You’re a femme fatale, you know.“
„I’m a nightmare, darling.“
„Men have no shortage of nightmares in their lives.“