Denise & Hank

Denise picks up two bicycles one Sunday, they ride them to the East River Promenade, and hide them in Rutgers Park.
“We should put them back in the same street “, Hank says.
“Why?“ Denise asks. “We were fortunate to find them unguarded and unlocked. We will keep them, and ride about New York.“
“They might be recognized.“
Denise shrugs her shoulders. “If they are, we will say that we found them abandoned and took charge of them. It is the truth anyway.“
They go for rides up and down the streets, pedalling through hideous Upper East Side or Tribeca, slipping perilously between the rushing monsters that thunder along the streets, ignoring traffic lights, riding fast and furious, crouched low over bent handles. Denise goes fastest, never experiences fear. Once Denise’s wheel is buckled, she leaves the bike on the curb and boards a bus, a day later she has picked up another.
As an aging gentleman Hank will settle himself at a table in a pavement café. He will start writing his memoirs, beginning with what he felt for Denise, the affection and admiration that never went away.